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August 4, 2013
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-it! This was not happening. No way! Almost too scared to know you peeped through your fingers and was surprised to see Germany of all people laying there. Your cheeks turned the color of tomatoes. You had slept with G-germany! He was not only a total prude! This must be some kind of joke. You buried your face in your hands. Then studied him again.

The gel was completely gone from his silky blonde hair. It feel in a messy flop over his eyelids which fluttered in his sleep. His toned chest slowly rose and fell with each breath. He truly was beautiful in sleep. Then his eyes flicked opened and focused on you. You were so shocked you screamed and fell back onto the floor.

“Oww.” you whined pathetically. A head peered over the side of the bed. :G-g-germany sir!” You blurted. “I’m sorry! I was drunk and I probably fell all over you like a complete fool. You must hate me. I promise I won’t tell anyone that we you, um, that we you know, nevermind! I’ll just be going now!”

He just stared at you sleepily the whole time. You looked down at your hands in embarrassment then realised you were actually very naked. You screeched and covered yourself. Germany just sighed and rolled over, bury his face in a pillow and twisting the sheets intricately around his lower half, exposing his back. It was covered in scars. Some faint lines some deep red marks probably recent.

You started. Sure you knew he was a soldier but still. Unable to resist, you crept forward and reached out a hand to touch one particularly bad scar. His hand caught yours and you yelped. The sheet flew up around your heads and then he was pinning you down, holding your hands above your head, and staring at you like you were some kind of strange bug. Romantic. The discarded sheet lay on a pile on the floor and you were still both very naked.

“Germany. Um did we really, well you know.” You said. He smirked and you flushed.

“Call me Ludwig. You did last night.” You flush deepened and his eyes followed an appreciative path down your slender body. You shut your eyes in embarrassment. “And yes, we did. Twice.”

“T-twice? Really?” If you got any redder your head would explode.” Ger-Ludwig rolled of you and flopped on the bed, not bothering to cover himself. You averted your eyes and tried to hide yourself.

“Yeah, why you don’t believe me? Surprised you're not tied up or something? Cause the situation could be remedied” You both blushed a bit.

“No thank you Ludwig. I-i think I’m fine.” He grinned and pulled you to him. After a brief noise of protest you snuggled up. That’s when you noticed a set of bunny ears hanging from the bed post. Damn you were that drunk huh?
Okay well this was a bit lemony, and not very Germany like but whatevs

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