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It was a cool spring morning and the first rays of the rising sun were warming the darkened sky. Besides the faint chatter of a few birds through your closed window, the world was silent and peaceful and still. Until your alarm went off, that is. The shrill, high sound blasted through your bedroom and hammered into your skull.

You fumbled for the off switch before simply ripping the plug out of the wall. “Stupid alarm clock, stupid mornings, stupid Ludwig.” You muttered darkly. Your voice was muffled by the pillow you had buried your head in.

You felt horrible. Your stomach ached, your throat was dry and burned ached with every breath. Even the slight sliver of light trickling through the gaps in your curtains sent shock waves of pain into your skull.

Getting up for your weekly training sessions with the Axis was hard enough on a regular day. Today, when you were sick and miserable, the very idea of it made you want to cry. You weren’t sure why you had to train so often, as you’d complained to Ludwig every single week. It had been a long time since WWI, when the Axis was formed and currently the world was at peace and was likely to remain that way. When you said so to the German, Ludwig always just scowled at you and told you to run faster.

You weren’t going. Not in this condition. Although it was irritating and difficult, you usually kept up just fine during the workouts. That didn’t meant you like them, but you could do them. Today you’d have no chance. Even Italy would smoke you.

You knew that you should probably call and tell Ludwig that you couldn’t make the training session, but you were a bit afraid of what he would say. Every time someone tried to skip out on training, he went ballistic. It was obviously very important to him, and you could understand that but that didn’t mean you had to like it too.

“Time to suck it up.” You croaked, but when you rolled over and tried to get out of bed a wave of nausea hit you and you curled up into a ball, waiting for it to pass. Ludwig would just have to wait. After a few minutes the nausea had passed, but by that point you’d fallen asleep.

When you next awoke, it was to an angry pounding at the front door. You whimpered, feeling even worse than before. You already knew who was at the door and that he wasn’t going to be happy. You tried just curling under the covers and willing him to go away, but it quickly became clear that Ludwig wasn’t subject to your mental whims. The longer you made him wait, the angrier he was going to get.

After a few minutes, you finally managed to drag yourself out of bed and stumble to the door. Your hair was a mess, your pajamas were rumpled, and you hadn’t showered yet, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

As soon as you opened the door, Ludwig was storming inside. Even in your miserable state, you couldn’t help but admire him. His blue eyes were blazing, blonde hair slicked back as always. The sharp line of his jaw was clenched. He towered over you. He towered over everyone.

“Frau.” He glowered. You didn’t bother with your usual sass, you just stared sullenly back at him. “You aren’t even dressed yet. You have not responded to my text messages. Are you trying to skip training?”

“I’m sick.” You told him, leaning against the wall for support. If he’d been paying more attention the the dark circles under your eyes, sweat gathering at your collar and the sickly pallor of your skin, he might have believed you. Instead, his vision was tinted by irritation.

Ludwig scoffed, managing to make even such a rude and dismissive gesture attractive. “I do not believe you, (name). You are just like Italy, always trying to get out of training. You have pretended to be sick in the past and you were lying.”

You sighed. You had pretended to be sick to get out of training before. You’d gone through just about every excuse in the book, so you could see why he’d be skeptical. Still, he must see how terrible you looked.  ”I’m not lying. I really am sick this time, can’t you tell?”

Ludwig just crossed his large arms across his chest. “Get dressed, (name).” Irritated, that he didn’t believe you, you spun on your heel and marched towards your room. Instantly, you knew the dramatic movement hadn’t been a good idea when a wave of dizziness hit your vision. You stumbled sideways, black dots swarming your vision. Behind you, you heard Ludwig swear sharply. Just before you collapsed, you felt his arms around your waist and thought ‘Maybe this day isn’t so bad after all’. Then the world fell away.

The next few hours were some of the worst of your life. You drifted in and out of sleep, delirious with fever and yet shivering all the same. No matter how you tossed and turned, you couldn’t get comfortable. Your hair was stuck to your neck with sweat and every muscle in your body ached. The only semblance of relief you got came from Ludwig. He however vigilantly over you, forcing you to drink and putting a cool cloth on your head. He spoke to you in a soft, sweet voice you’d never heard him take before, and although you could never make out the words, it was soothing none the less.

The next time you woke up you felt considerably better. You were still sweaty and gross and you had a headache the size of Texas, but your fever had broken. You glanced at the chair by your bedside and were startled to see Ludwig there. A drop of water rolled off the cloth on your head and onto the bed spread. So he’d really stayed with you all this time? You blushed, partly from embarrassment and partly from pleasure.

As if he could sense you looking, Ludwig’s eyes flickered open a moment later. When he saw that you were awake, he jerked upwards and rushed to your side. After removing the cloth and checking your temperature, he just stared at you. Finally you weakly joked “Told you I wasn’t faking.” You’d meant it to be light hearted, but Ludwig’s face instantly became stricken.

“I am sorry, Liebling. You do not know how it felt to watch you collapse like that.” He ran a hand absently across your forehead, which was still damp from the wet cloth.

“It’s okay. It’s not like I haven’t lied about it in the past to try and get out of training.” You grinned up at him and he rolled his eyes. “Does this mean that I don’t have to train tomorrow?” You asked, eyes trained on Ludwig hand.

He followed your gaze and jerked his hand away, blushing. “Of course not! I expect to see you at 5:00 am sharp tomorrow.” His stern tone trailed off into a worry again.”Unless, of course, you are still feeling ill.”

After checking your temperature one more time, he turned to leave. When he was standing in the door frame, he stopped, turning to you with a wicked smirk. You blanched, thinking you would have expected to see a look like that on Gilbert, not Ludwig. “Oh, by the way Frau. Did you know that you talk when you sleep?”

You went beat red. “N-no. What did I say?” Ludwig just smirked again and left the room.

-it. Lying next to you was none other than your nemesis. Roderich Edelstein. “You heathen!” You shrieked, pulling the hotel room sheets around you like a protective shield. Roderich, who had apparently been sleeping up until that point, jerked awake and looked around in bewilderment.

He fumbled for his glasses, which turned out to be on your side table. You flung them at him then wiped your hand in disgust. You’d have to take god knows how many showers just to feel clean again. You’d need to be decontaminated, hazmat suits and all.

Roderich slid his glasses onto his face and slid a hand through his thick hair. Usually it was primly combed down, but this morning it was disheveled looking. Not that it looked good on him or anything. Jerk. When Roderich’s eyes focused on you all the color- what little there was to begin with- drained from his face. “Gott, nein! This is horrible.”

“Hey, buddy, I’m not too thrilled either.” You hissed, starting to get up then thinking better of it. “Turn around you pervert!”

“I am no such thing! I am a gentleman!” He harrumphed, his cheeks red from anger and embarrassment. He did turn around, thankfully. It was all starting to come back to you now. The wild after party for the Annual Upcoming Pianists’ Showcase.

Roderich had won (you had been robbed. robbed) and had so drank a bit more than he usually would have. You on the other hand, had been wallowing in self pity and indignation and had decided to drown your sorrows in alcohol. At least you had won last year, and left the Austrian in the dust. This competition was your yearly battle to prove who was the better player.

In any case, for both your respective reasons, the two of you had been utterly smashed last night. You felt ashamed for conducting yourself in such a way at such an esteemed event. It was all Roderich’s fault. You hurried out of bed and wiggled into the dress you’d worn last night before searching for your shoes.

“A gentleman who coerced me into bed last night!” You growled as you shoved on your heels.

“Coerced?” Roderich bristled. “I would never. I do not need to.” He smirked and your rolled your eyes in disgust. “In fact, (Y-N), now that I think about it... you begged me to take you to bed last night.”

You stormed towards the door, finally fully dressed with purse in hand. Before you left you spun to address your enemy one final time. “I remember last night too, Edelstein, and the only one begging was you!” And with that your slammed the door.
The Morning After (Austria)
For those of you who read my 'I'm done writing forever' post and are now going "You're a liar madam, a LIAR!", you can calm down. I am not coming back to writing fan fiction. I felt nostalgic and decided to finish a series I'd already started. I won't be doing any new works. I don't know if I'll even do more of this series. 

You sighed loudly, as you polished a glass that was already shining. You missed him more and more every day. Sure you loved your job as a late night bartender, and you had some great friends. But without Alfred .....

You smirked and rolled your eyes as a pair of arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you against a chest. “Francis” you sighed, setting down the glass you’d been polishing, “How many times have I told you, I’m not interested.”

“Francis?” A familiar voice rumbled into your ear. “I might have to have a talk with him later. He must be one messed up dude to hit on my girlfriend.”  You gasped, as shock and disbelief hit you hard in the gut. The world tilted, and you whipped around.

There he was. All six foot, two inches. He still had that happy go lucky smile, darkened only slightly by his months of service in the military. “Alfred?” You gasped, tears filling your eyes. You hadn’t know he was coming home.

“Hey babe. Surprise!” You were in his arms before he even finished the sentence.

“I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you.” You murmured over and over again like a prayer.

“I love you too.”
Well friends, it seems like this is the end of the road for me and Deviant Art. Some of you may have seen this coming, as my posting of material has steadily decreased overtime. Unfortunately I am leaving you with many unfinished fics and unfulfilled promises. I wish I could go back and be better, but at the same time I want to leave it all behind. I have grown so much over my time here as a writer and a person. Looking back it all seems like a dream. I just recently posted my likely last ever Hetalia fanfiction. I'd like to say it is an epitome of all I've grown and learned during my time here. Really though, it's just a crappy unfinished story that's been in my google drive for ages now. Regardless it is the only last hurrah that I find myself able to give. 

To all of you out there who have been with me along the way, no matter how briefly. Thank you, I love you, and I will remember this community and the impact it has had on my life forever. Honestly y'all I'm tear up.

Most of all thank you,
     Juju <3 <3 <3


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